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Clotheslines Direct Carlow

Clotheslines Direct Carlow 

Clotheslines by Clotheslines Direct Waterford are a cost effective, hassle free way of drying clothes outdoors and indoors

Ideal for apartments, carports, garages, hallways, duplex units, balconies etc. 

Made from the best galvanised steel. Stabilised and secure. Manufactured in different sizes to suit your home. 

Whether you have lots of space in your garden or you have a small garden, clotheslines by Clotheslines Direct are available to suit your needs.

The benefits of drying clothes outdoors on a clothesline include, Clothes last longer, Fresher clothes, Cost effect clothes drying, No need for tumble dryers and Softer clothes.

For more information Call Denis Scully on 0879488243    FULLY SUPPLIED AND FITTED 

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